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Wendy Testimonial

Shelby Kremin explains how she treats her clients:

“When I clear Candida from clients, I first put in an energy balance to signal the body to clear out the Candida from all of the organs, glands, brain, blood, and connective tissue.  To do this, I touch specific acupressure points.  When the body clears Candida, it also clears out acetaldehyde and formaldehyde, which are chemicals that impact the growth of Candida. Then I do muscle testing using applied kinesiology to determine how long the person needs to be on the Candida cleanse diet.  Depending on the amount of Candida in the body, it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks.

During the energy balance the body is beginning the process to start clearing out the Candida from the whole body.  The first few days clients usually feel like they are detoxing a lot! Then, they start to feel the effects of being Candida free. Most clients will notice less fogginess of the brain, better concentration, less mood swings, and better digestion.  When clients are done with the cleanse I use the muscle testing to show them if the Candida is gone. Without this energy work it can take between 1-5 years to fully clear out Candida from someone’s body.

This technique is also highly effective in eradicating ADHD.  This technique uses electrical sentences which combines acupressure points from the Chinese meridian system and applied kinesiology (muscle testing).  I follow a protocol which is designed to clear out stress from all parts of the brain and body that the client has held on to since they were conceived.  Through this technique and a clean diet clients are able to eradicate ADHD.”

Shelby will be offering free energy balances at her table during the Treating ADHD Conference. She will also be contributing two free 1-hour consultations to the raffle.

To register for the conference, go here.

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