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Sheri Davis

Sheri Davis is the author of “All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet” and “Doing Disney on a Special Diet” and blogs at www.allnaturalmomof4.com. She is the mother of 4 kids between the ages of 7 and 17. She started blogging about the Feingold Diet, the GFCF (gluten- and dairy-free) diet, ADHD, autism, and supplements in 2009 and is passionate about helping parents help their kids. Sheri is a speaker and ADHD Diet and Biomed coach, and the director and founder of the Treating ADHD Naturally Conference.

Jane Hersey is the National Director of the Feingold Association of the United States.She has worked with the non-profit organization since her family experienced tremendous benefit from the Feingold Diet in the 1970’s. Hersey is the editor of the Association’s newsletter Pure Facts and the author of two books: Why Can’t My Child Behave? and Healthier Food for Busy People. She has lectured at hospitals, medical groups, educational associations and other organizations, given interviews to many newspapers and magazines, and appeared on local and national radio and TV shows. Hersey was a guest lecturer at George Mason University and the Northern Virginia Community College. She has testified before the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Congress.

Dr. Kendra Becker-Musante

Dr. Kendra Becker is an integrated physician, practicing for over 10 years. She is Connecticut’s “4A Specialist” (asthma, autism, allergies, atopy/eczema). She holds an ND degree and MS, APRN . She is board certified in both areas. Her specialties include MTHFR, fertility and treatment of “the 4As” (asthma, autism, allergies, atopy/eczema). Dr. Becker focuses on primarily treating the pediatric population and their parents. Dr. Becker is adjunct Faculty at 2 prominent universities, where she teaches concussion education to physicians and precepts student doctors and nurse practitioners. Dr Becker lectures all over the country on topics such as autism, the immune system, MTHFR & genetic mutations that have health implications and “Keeping Healing in the Home” Dr Becker is the author of “A Delicious Way to Heal the Gut” and is planning for a second book to be published in early 2018.

Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD

Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD, is a traditionally trained family medicine doctor with over 20 years of experience who quickly realized there was something missing when treating her patients. The missing piece was targeting the root causes of illness which she found in a functional medicine approach, leading to her certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine. She is passionate about treating whole families. She has delivered over 300 babies in her career and has made it a mission to reduce chronic disease by empowering moms to empower their families to wellness. She has a particular interest in nutrigenetics although puts the focus on epigenetics first. She herself battled many avoidable symptoms and disease and would like to put an end to this for our future generations. She is a national speaker, wife, mother of 2, avid yogi who loves the arts and travel. Her private practice, Simply Health Institute, is located outside of Chicago in Naperville, IL

Joshua Flowers, DC, DACNB
Dr. Joshua Flowers graduated from Logan University with a degree in Chiropractic, furthering his studies in neurology, immunology, clinical neuroscience, and medicine. Dr. Flowers is a board certified functional neurologist. He practices in Colorado at the Revive Treatment Centers of America, where he specializes in traumatic brain rehabilitation, childhood developmental delays, and neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders.

James A. Kowal, PhD
James A. Kowal, PhD, is enjoying his second career as a board certified expert in traumatic stress, and a board certified neurotherapist. He was the co-founder of the Center for Traumatic Stress, and RUAH Center, NFP, and operates his own practice, Life Worth Living, P.C., since 1995 in Naperville IL. Formerly, Dr. Kowal was educated as a mathematician, software engineer and became fourth level manager of Systems Engineering over a 30 year career at Bell Laboratories. He was also an adjunct professor and co-founder of the Computer Science department at North Central College where he taught for 26 years and was the author of two college text books. Dr. Kowal now combines 30 years of his computer knowledge with 22 years of clinical psychology experience to help people who are suffering from mental illnesses.


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